MS Office Online Course

The Galway Academy MS Office online course provides a comprehensive overview of the popular Microsoft Office software used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Since MS Office was first released on October 1, 1990, it has undergone a transformation in terms of the software it includes (i.e., what is “bundled”), the advancement of features for each application, and the means of accessing the software (e.g., one-time purchase vs. online monthly subscription).

Galway Academy’s MS Office online course will give you the essential information about Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook, as well as the Access, Teams,
Publisher and Project computer applications.

Learning about the key features of this software, which is available for the Windows or macOS operating systems, could help students and workers to be more
productive and may even enhance an individual’s career options.

The Galway Academy MS Office online course will give you a good working knowledge of the following 8 Microsoft computer applications:

  • Word is a word processing application that lets you create and edit various types of simple or complex documents.
  • PowerPoint is a program for producing slide show presentations that may include text, images, videos, etc.
  • Excel is software that allows you to generate spreadsheets that can make calculations and display data in tables, graphs, etc.
  • Outlook is a software system that lets you send, receive and manage emails, as well as organize your contacts, calendar, and tasks.
  • Access is a program for efficiently storing, managing and analyzing large quantities of information in databases.
  • Teams is an application that facilitates collaboration among team members via shared files, chat, videoconferencing, etc.
  • Publisher is software that lets you produce graphic designs and page layouts for desktop publishing with a professional look.
  • Project is an application for project management that allows you to organize plans, schedules and resources, as well as check progress, etc.

Our MS Office online course contains 10 modules, including video and text components:

  • Module 1: Microsoft Word – Part 1
  • Module 2: Microsoft Word – Part 2
  • Module 3: Microsoft Excel Basics
  • Module 4: Microsoft Excel Advanced
  • Module 5: Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Module 6: Microsoft Access
  • Module 7: Microsoft Teams
  • Module 8: Microsoft Publisher
  • Module 9: Microsoft Project
  • Module 10: Microsoft Outlook

This self-guided course was designed to give you flexibility, so that you can study whenever and wherever it is convenient for you, using your desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access.

Each of the 10 modules has brief multiple choice quizzes to assess your understanding of the subject matter.

At the end of our MS Office online course, you will have the chance to review the course material and when you are ready, you can take the Final Exam to test your overall knowledge of the course.

When you pass the Final Exam, you will receive a Galway Academy Certificate of Completion to show that you have mastered the course material.